Once a year, the „Mut gegen Rechts (Courage Against Right) – Open Air Festival“ takes place in Ludwigsburg. As diverse as we are, so is the experience of the festival itself: loud music, creative experiences and of course politics. But we don’t do this just for fun – our goal is to inform and motivate people to stand up against discrimination. 

About the Mut gegen Rechts Festival 

The festival consists of information booths of different organizations and associations, as well as lectures and musical contributions on our stages. The main program is accompanied by a children’s program and a supporting program, as well as beverage and food supply. 
We are also politically active around the festival itself. In addition to various events throughout the year, we document right-wing activities and their actors in the Ludwigsburg area in our watchblog. Contrary to the frequent claims of politicians and police, there are also activities and incidents in the district of Ludwigsburg, which are partly played down or not even mentioned. 
We reserve the right to make use of our domiciliary rights and to deny access to or exclude from the event persons who belong to right-wing extremist parties or organizations, who are associated with the right-wing extremist scene or who have already appeared in the past through racist, nationalist, anti-Semitic or other inhumane statements.
We would have liked to translate this year’s call and the stage programme for you. But we were not able to do so due to capacity constraints.
Here you can find the appeal in German.
Here you can find this year’s stage programme in German.

About us as an initiative

We actively campaign against inhumane attitudes. To this end, we deal with issues of group-related misanthropy, organize protests against right-wing populist and right-wing extremist activities, and participate in various local alliances. 
We believe that social grievances cannot be traced back to individual problems, but arise from society as a whole. Thus, issues such as climate justice, anti-discrimination or equal opportunities can only be thought of and demanded in connection with each other. Structural discrimination is a problem for society as a whole that can be named and fought. 
As diverse as our main topics are, we are also diverse as a team and organisation. We come from different backgrounds and bring a wide range of skills with us. We want people to have the opportunity to try things out and to benefit from our error-friendly approach. People are allowed to be courageous, to speak out and to try out new roles – politics and solidarity become tangible in our dealings with one another. 


Do you still have questions about the Mut gegen Rechts Festival in Ludwigsburg? Or do you want to be there and support us? Then get in touch with us! Our planning meetings take place in German. 
We want to put on a colorful, big and free festival every year and for that we need not only many helping hands but also financial support. Speakers and stage equipment, tents and tables, printing costs and small material… all that costs money. We are also happy about financial support: IBAN: DE 67 6045 0050 0000 0150 40